Through My Third Eye

The Studio

“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.” —M.C. Escher

Through My Third Eye are a dynamic and influential roster of three Founders, Artists and permanent residents.

As well as a family of Guest Artists whom frequent the studio in Finsbury Park, North London. This project began beating with the two hearts of the project; Mowgli and Emma Bundonis, later joined by Matt Pettis. Whilst working as a manager in a studio, Emma saw a gap in the market, “It was disconnected”

Never forgetting their core values; authenticity, evolution and humanness, Mowgli says “Without the clients, none of this happens. The beauty is in the people. We are looking to be inspired by the people. As artists we have a huge responsibility to help our clients to find their own truth”. You are an inspiration, you are a muse.

Now, together they abode in a studio like no other; transcending expectations, going above and beyond the range and limits of their predecessors and transforming the way we view tattoo artistry to bring an intensely skilled force and eclectic new aesthetic.